Thai green curry has been one of my fav. dishes since I started teaching. In my first year, I had no time to cook (literally) and I would often get emerald curry takeout from @mythai which was only one block from my school! I fell hard for this dish! I’ve found a recipe, and with much tweaking, is soo close to the way My Thai’s tastes, so obviously I’m excited!

Serves 6


– 2 cans of coconut milk (400 mL)

-6 tbsp Thai green curry paste

– 1/2 cup basil leaves, minced or basil paste

-3 tbsp brown sugar

-100 mL vegetable stock

-Any veggies you like. I put broccoli in like, everything, so I used that as well as green beans and zucchini

-Tofu (I seared mine first)

-Cooked rice (As much as you like, this is really personal preference) I used Jasmine. You can use your fav!


1) Bring coconut milk, curry paste, brown sugar and vegetable stock to a boil. Once it’s rolling, turn to low heat and let simmer, stirring continuously for about 10 mins.

2) Add in seared tofu cubes, and sliced vegetables of your choice.

3) Once the broccoli is cooked, (or if you’re not using broccoli, when the vegetables are at the tenderness you enjoy..) turn off heat and pour over 1/2 cup cooked rice! (Or more, if you like!)

4) Enjoy and be kind!

5) Let me know how it turns out!